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Fun for all

AIRBOAT belongs to a group of compact Family Rides which have a small footprint and no need for special foundations. The modular design is easy to maintain and can be installed without any major facility impact.

AIRBOAT has three cantilever arms which are lifted by hydraulic actuators and carry a counter rotating gyro element holding four gondolas at its end. The gondolas are designed to accommodate two riders to provide a capacity of up to 24 passengers.

The standard gondola design features an open airboat-like vehicle shape offering an enjoyable and safe ride experience. Each gondola is suspended on a horizontal axis allowing free swinging to the side. The combination of central rotation, lift, the satellite counter rotation and gondola swing results in a pleasant, cycloid movement with swift but very harmonic changes of height, velocity and direction. AIRBOAT is therefore an attraction for the whole family, including teens, in particular because its range of ride programs enables it to accommodate different age groups.

The AIRBOAT is easy to install, uses just a small area and is great ‘fun for all.’




Ride Specifications

14m (46ft) diameter
7.2m (24ft)
Number of gondolas:
Total number of passengers:
Theoretical hourly capacity:
Power installed:
70 kW

More Information


min. 120 cm

Ride category: Family

Thrill factor: Medium

Action: Circular rotation, cantilever arms, hydraulic lifting, “swing out” gondolas

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