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Touching and inspiring the senses

EXPLORER is a unique attraction based on proven and reliable technologies.

Featuring an exciting combination of ride, movie (including optional 3D), audio visual effects and sensory elements, any theme is possible on EXPLORER which utilises multi-projector video format to create truly immersive, high definition content and thus a unique experience in each installation.

With a themed pre-show and an unrestricted view towards the 360° screen, EXPLORER accommodates all ages, is accessible for passengers with disabilities, offers a high capacity of up to 70 passengers and is highly flexible, with a wide, almost unlimited choice of experience available, immersing riders in the worlds of science, fantasy, sports, technology or adventure.

And as a film based attraction, refreshing the ride is simple and cost effective, with only the media needing to be replaced to create a whole new experience.

Additionally, the film content of EXPLORER can be created as CGI, live action or a composition of both, the flexibility of the system being one of its key benefits.

Take your visitors to a whole new world with EXPLORER.




Ride Specifications

12m (39ft) diameter
11m (36ft)
Total number of passengers:
Theoretical hourly capacity:
Power installed:
250 kW

More Information


No Restrictions

Ride category: Film Based

Thrill factor: Low to High (depending on movie program)

Action: Combination of ride (gentle rotating gondola), movie, audio visual effects and sensory elements

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