Huss Park Attractions GmbH introduces exciting new immersive
VR element for enhanced ride experiences

Bremen, Germany (August 2015) – German amusement ride manufacturer Huss Park Attractions GmbH has announced the successful initial testing of an exciting, high performance virtual reality (VR) system which is set to add totally new optional ride experiences to its attractions.

Hailed as the first VR system for use on a non-coaster attraction, the first tests of the system took place recently during an event with special guests at Djurs Sommerland on the park’s HUSS® Viking Ship attraction.

During the event the riders wore specially designed VR ‘glasses’ and were immersed into a completely different virtual environment which synchronised to the familiar ride program of the attraction. 

With VR technology, all the motions of the ride are translated into the virtual world in real time to provide passengers with a totally new and exciting experience and to place them into new and fascinating environments. Even with the most lavish of design and theming, such a scenario would not be possible in the real world.

In addition to a more immersive and intense experience, the system can be applied to almost any existing ride and a wide variety of content, suitable to the ride movement and/or theming.  It is possible to create many different experiences on the same attraction. High performance, real-time computer graphics allow the integration of interactive elements while both small and large attractions can be used to create equally effective VR experiences. The retrofitting of existing rides is also possible and there are no limits when it comes to theming choices.

During testing at Djurs Sommerland, guests were placed right in the middle of the action in a series of virtual scenes, including stormy seas with mythical creatures, as well as swinging through the urban landscape of Metropolis and above the skyscrapers around them in what feels like an oversized giant swing. All the scenes were carefully synchronised with the normal swinging movement of the attraction, creating a totally immersive and very realistic experience.

Those trying out the experience were hugely impressed by the new technology and its impact on the ride experience. Park Director Henrik B. Nielsen said: “This is really a new and exciting experience. From a park management point of view it would be a great extra feature to add to some attractions for a wide range of guests.”

Tivoli designer Will Gurley was also present for the test event and was equally as excited by the new development, saying: “I found that unlike other stationary virtual reality experiences where I often feel disoriented, the pairing of VR and ride movement was much more easy to become immersed in. The combination of virtual world with movement is a very exciting prospect for ride development. It has great immersive potential in its ability to heighten a physical experience.”

Also thrilled with the outcome of the first HUSS® VR-Ride experiences was Huss Park Attractions CEO Mirko J. Schulze who commented: “We currently see a hype towards VR technology. It is in everyone’s mouths, everyone is curious about the latest development. For us this is an exciting new development which brings another totally new option to our ride portfolio. The system adds a whole new dimension to rides and truly immerses passengers in another experience, outside the real world. With a wide range of visual content available, we will be able to place guests into all kinds of scenarios and on a range of attractions, so we are very much looking forward to moving ahead with this technology and creating some great new experiences.”

Viking Scenery
Oversized Metropolis scenery at a scale of 250% of the original attraction
Testing phase on-ride
Testing phase on-ride
Viking Ship at Djurs Sommerland, Denmark


Huss Park Attractions GmbH re-launches another HUSS® classic ride with the introduction of the Enterprise 2G

Bremen, Germany (June 2015) - Huss Park Attractions GmbH, the well-known German amusement ride manufacturer, has announced the re-launch of another successful HUSS® classic ride, the Enterprise, with a new and improved design. 

The attraction has been re-launched, giving one of the most famous and successful of HUSS® attractions a complete ‘makeover’ and a new lease of life. 

The ride will be available as Enterprise 2G (2nd Generation), Enterprise 2GH (2nd Generation Hybrid - a combination of suspended seats and classic style gondolas) and as Enterprise 2GH-Plus (2nd Generation Hybrid combined with a new tilt action).  

The Enterprise has been a hugely popular attraction with both operators and riders for many years, having been in operation since it was originally introduced in the 1970s. With its unique ride patterns and design and its high capacity, it is one of the most successful rides under the HUSS® brand, with more than 75 examples having been sold worldwide – with almost all of these still in operation, a clear indication of the extremely high reliability and durability of HUSS® attractions. 

As was the case with the HUSS® Condor, which was recently successfully re-launched as the Condor 2G (2nd Generation), the company has decided that in view of the past success of the Enterprise the ride should now be refreshed with a new design and brought back into the company’s active portfolio of rides as the Enterprise 2GH (2nd Generation Hybrid). A new design utilising a hybrid seating arrangement featuring a combination of both the classic style gondolas and new suspended seats has therefore been introduced to create a new experience suitable for a wider range of guests. 

The Enterprise features a lifting arm which pivots up to 90°. The ride’s wheel disc is driven by a motor and rotates fast enough to allow the gondolas to swing out as it rotates. In the vertical position guests experience a permanent looping ride, at which point the gondolas reach a height of approximately 18m. An acceleration of up to 2.5g is experienced by riders. 

Both the traditional gondolas and the new suspended seat gondolas accommodate two passengers each, but each provides a very different experience. The enclosed gondola is suited to all kinds of guests, including adults with younger children, while the new, individual suspended seats – positioned one behind the other – provide a more open, thrilling experience. Access in and out of each style of gondola is quick and easy and as an option, the Enterprise 2GH can also be supplied with all suspended seats. 

A further option is the Enterprise 2GH-Plus, the same attraction but with an upgrade to provide a new tilt action. On this version, the wheel disc can be moved from the upright vertical position, the familiar Enterprise motion, into a horizontal position and/or vice versa, providing a totally new experience. Alternatively the wheel disc can be maintained in a horizontal position while the lifting arm is raised to the upright position. If used in this position at medium or low rotational speed, the attraction can also be operated as a form of panoramic ride. The maximum passenger capacity is 40, leading to theoretical hourly capacities of 1,200 guests. 

The rotating wheel and gondolas are also ideally suited to a variety of different themes as well as a range of illumination concepts, all of which are available as additional options on the Enterprise. 

The decision by Huss Park Attractions GmbH to re-launch the Enterprise comes on the back of the successful launch of the Condor 2G in 2013, the revamped version of the well-known Condor, of which 30 examples were sold during the 1980s and 90s. With two such attractions delivered to date (to China), the company is now working on the first Condor 2GH (2nd Generation Hybrid) which incorporates a newly designed hybrid seating arrangement, a combination of suspended seats and classic style gondolas. This particular model has already been sold to a European client and is due to open in 2016.

“We are delighted to announce the re-launch of the classic Enterprise ride to our active portfolio of attractions,” said Huss Park Attractions CEO Mirko J. Schulze. “The revision of the ride follows a similar initiative with the Condor which has proved very successful and we believe that the success of the Enterprise can be reignited with the launch of the Enterprise 2GH and Enterprise 2GH-Plus. It is a true classic among all amusement rides and remains very popular among parks and their guests. We are confident our official re-launch will give it the opportunity for renewed success in the future in the hands of many new owners/operators.”

Enterprise 2G - Single Seats
Enterprise 2G - Operation
Enterprise 2G-Plus - Operation
Enterprise 2GH


Huss Park Attractions GmbH continues to enjoy worldwide success with projects for 2014 and beyond

Bremen, Germany (August 2014) - German ride manufacturer Huss Park Attractions GmbH has announced details of new ride projects for 2014 and beyond, with a wide range of installations being opened this year and many more confirmed for 2015 and into 2016 at parks around the world.

Among the newest attractions now in operation is a true classic ride from HUSS® originally produced as the Pirate Ship which recently opened at Djurs Sommerland in Nimtofte, Denmark. The new addition, which is themed as a Viking ship and has been named "Drageskibet", is from the company's Classic range and accommodates up to 54 passengers. With moderate accelerations and motions it is a genuine family ride, with children from 1.1m tall accompanied by an adult being able to enjoy the experience on offer. Those over 1.2m are able to ride alone.

"Drageskibet" swings riders up to 20m in height at a 75 degree angle, all over a small lake in the newly created Vikingeland area and with its detailed theming and decoration it is sure to become a popular landmark in this section of the park.

A second Pirate Ship is due to open later this year at Romon World in Ningbo, China. This particular model will again feature a special theme, on this occasion reflecting the concept of Pirates of the Caribbean, and will be another excellent example of how the detailed theming of the Pirate Ship rides can create a unique attraction with outstanding visual impact, creating a major draw for visitors. The attraction is part of a package of four new HUSS® rides operating at the park which also includes a Top Spin Suspended, a Giant Frisbee 40, both from the HUSS® thrill ride range, and a Break Dance 4 family ride.
June has also witnessed the opening of the first Condor 2G (2nd Generation) attraction, at Happy Valley Beijing in China. The original Condor enjoyed much success with 30 examples being sold during the 1980s and '90s and having been added to the company's active portfolio of products once again, with revised design elements, it is creating much interest among theme park operators and visitors.

The Happy Valley model features the familiar 31m high central tower structure with four main arms, at the end of which are spar boxes carrying star shaped steel frames. Attached to these are seven, two-person gondolas which reach a height of 24m during the ride and swing out as they rotate around the spar box. The ride also features a rescue boat design and unique lighting concepts.

A second HUSS® Condor 2G attraction is due for opening in 2014/2015 in the Chinese Shandong Province, while looking further ahead to 2015, the company also has a number of new rides set to open during the year. These include a Top Spin Suspended for an as yet unnamed client in the Middle East and another Top Spin Suspended and a Sky Tower for undisclosed clients in China.

For delivery in 2015/16, HUSS® has also confirmed contracts for two Top Spin Suspended rides, both equipped with a water fountain feature, and Giant Frisbee 40 for China, while due for delivery to the Middle East during this period is a King Kong ride, the sixth version of this family ride to be built and which will as usual incorporate a variety of special effects to enhance the experience.

"These many contracts and installations show we are enjoying continued success with our range of attractions throughout the world", noted Huss Park Attractions CEO Mirko J. Schulze. "We are particularly pleased with the interest shown in the Condor 2G, which has justified its reintroduction to our active portfolio of products, and the increased demand of our clients for highly themed HUSS® ride attractions with great visual impact. Especially here we can demonstrate our extensive experience in creating an outstanding interaction between reliable technique and excellent design."

Condor 2G


HUSS® announces wide range of worldwide projects

for 2013 and beyond

Bremen, Germany (May 06, 2013) – Huss Park Attractions GmbH has announced details of a number of new ride projects for 2013 and beyond, with parks around the world set to benefit from the introduction of a variety of the company’s attractions.Among the first of the new installations to open will be a package of two rides at a new safari themed park in Chong Qing, China. This will include a Top Spin Suspended, one of the company’s most successful attractions with examples operating all over the world, featuring 38 seats positioned back-to-back. The second ride is one of the company’s King Kong rides, the fourth to be built. The family attraction features 24 seats and a number of special effects to add further to the experience, including sound, mist, shining eyes and seat vibrators.

A King Kong will also be a signature attraction at the new Vialand theme park in Istanbul, Turkey, which is due to open to the public in the near future. The ride will be situated in its own themed area and will again feature a range of special effects similar to those on the Chong Qing ride. This example will be the fifth such ride to be delivered by HUSS® since its introduction to the market in 2008.

Additionally, and following similar recent projects at OCT Happy Valley Wuhan in China and for Merlin Entertainments in Weymouth, UK, installation is due to begin in May on the next Huss Sky Tower, this time at Changzhou Dinosaur Park, China. The attraction will rise 120m into the air with passengers seated outward facing in a rotating, circular cabin which will allow them to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Delivery is also currently taking place of a package of four attractions to Ningbo Romon World, again in China. The rides included in the project are a Top Spin Suspended, a Giant Frisbee, both from the HUSS® thrill ride range, a Break Dance family ride and a Pirate Ship, one of the company’s classic/family attractions. The Top Spin will again be a 38 suspended seat model, while the Giant Frisbee will take passengers up to a height of 42m as it swings pendulum-style 120 degrees to each side of a central hub. The 40 passenger gondola also rotates at 8rpm during the ride sequence.

The Break Dance 4 is one of the HUSS® Advanced System Rides (ASR), a group of compact family rides derived from the most popular HUSS® attractions. It has a central rotation and three counter rotating gyros, each of which holds four gondolas. There are a total of 12 gondolas, each accommodating two passengers. And the Pirate Ship is another of the company’s long-standing attractions, accommodating between 45 and 55 passengers seated in a large boat which swings up to 75 degrees to either side of two steel ‘A’ frames.

Another of HUSS®’ most successful attractions over the years is also the subject of two forthcoming projects announced by the company in China for 2014. The Condor enjoyed much success during the 1980s and 90s, with 30 examples being sold during this period, and now HUSS® has once again added it to its active portfolio of products available. The ride is now being offered as the Condor 2-G (2nd Generation) with an improved ride design, although it keeps its basic format of a central tower structure and four main arms, at the end of which are spar boxes carrying star shaped steel frames, attached to which are seven, two-person gondolas. The gondolas reach a height of 26m during the ride and swing out as they rotate around the spar box. “We decided to reintroduce the Condor to our active portfolio of classic rides as we see a high market potential for this kind of ride,” explained Mirko J. Schulze, CEO of Huss Park Attractions GmbH. “It has a broad family appeal, is an eye-catching structure and combines both an observation and ride experience. It also has a small footprint but a high capacity which we are sure will appeal to parks of all sizes.”

HUSS® has also revealed that it will be supplying an ‘undisclosed thrill ride’ to the IMG Theme Park in Dubai later this year and Schulze noted: “We are enjoying a very busy period at the moment with projects spread all over the world and I think it is testament to the strong reputation of HUSS® and our popular range of attractions that this is the case. We already have a number of projects in the pipeline for 2014 too, so we are very happy with the way things are progressing at the present time.”

Giant Frisbee
King Kong

Giant Frisbee – The HUSS® Giant Frisbee has proved to be a popular attraction at many parks over the years.
King Kong – A King Kong ride will be one of the signature attractions at the new Vialand theme park in Turkey.
Condor - HUSS® has reintroduced the Condor to its active portfolio of classic rides and the attraction now benefits from an improved ride design.



HUSS® to introduce brand new, unique film based family ride concept 

Bremen, Germany (February 25, 2013) – German ride manufacturer Huss Park Attractions GmbH has announced the development of a brand new ride concept (registered by German utility model) that will provide a unique experience for visitors to parks and other attraction destinations. 

The Explorer makes use of HUSS®’ many years of experience in the design and manufacture of observation towers, combining this with an audio visual system and sensory elements that together provide an immersive experience in a totally enclosed environment.

Utilising a 12m diameter, circular gondola similar to those used on the company’s Sky Tower rides, the Explorer will accommodate up to 70 guests, including wheelchair users. The experience begins with a themed pre-show in the queuing area as waiting guests watch the gondola descend dramatically into the ‘earth’ and out of sight beneath a closed iris. The scenery and theming in the pre-show section will depend on the subject chosen for the core content of the ride. 

Guests are seated in the closed cabin facing outwards, looking through the full height glass sides of the gondola which allow for unrestricted views of the surrounding screen. A seamless 360° multi-projector film format delivers truly immersive, high definition content which is unique to each installation. 

Once below the ‘surface,’ guests can enjoy a wide range of environments, such as those beneath the sea, in space, in the eye of a storm or some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. The content can also be created as CGI, live action or a composition of both, the flexibility of the system being one of its key benefits. As a film based attraction, the experience can be almost anything an operator chooses, from a calm, scenic journey to a white knuckle thrill ride, while refreshing the ride is simple and cost effective with only the media needing to be replaced. 

HUSS® has taken a number of key considerations into account in the design of the Explorer, as Mirko J. Schulze, CEO of Huss Park Attractions GmbH, explained. 

“We are genuinely excited by the Explorer concept and believe it ticks all the right boxes for operators,” he said. “It is brand new, is based on our proven observation tower technology, has a high capacity, offers a smooth guest flow for loading and unloading, is easy to maintain, can be enjoyed by all ages and is extremely flexible as far as changing the experience is concerned. It also covers a relatively small footprint in combination with minor requirements on building construction; even the utilisation of existing building structures is possible. 
“All this will be a great benefit to many parks,” Schulze continued. “The Explorer extends our AV product range and offer and we are confident it will create much interest among parks and other venues looking for something totally new, different and with all the associated benefits mentioned.”

The Explorer will take guests into a variety of exciting environments viewed through the full height gondola windows and delivered via a seamless, 360°, multi-projector film format, creating a totally immersive experience.


Olympic sailing venue reaches new heights with HUSS® Sky Tower  

Bremen, Germany (March, 2012) – German ride manufacturer Huss Park Attractions GmbH has announced that it is in the process of building a major observation tower on Weymouth, Dorset, seafront on the south coast of England for Merlin Entertainments.
The tower, which will reach a height of 53m and provide panoramic, 360 degree views over the English channel and surrounding countryside, is due to be completed in time for this year’s Olympic sailing events which are set to take place in Weymouth and neighbouring Portland.
The structure will be built on the town’s Festival Pier and will feature a rotating gondola of 12m in diameter capable of accommodating up to 70 passengers, including guests with disabilities and wheelchair passengers, at one time. The gondola, incorporating floor to ceiling windows around its entire circumference, will rotate around the tower as it ascends and descends.
A total of 29, 60cm concrete piles are being sunk to a depth of 17m at the pier to act as a watertight barrier for the structure’s foundations. When complete, the weight of the attraction will be 130 metric tons.
The total investment of the whole project is approximately £3.5m. An official groundbreaking ceremony took place in January, when work on the 7m deep hole for the tower’s foundations began. UK based Merlin Entertainments, the world’s second largest visitor attractions operator, which is making this significant investment, will be the operator.

HUSS® observation towers are available in a range of sizes up to 150m. The Weymouth model will join almost 20 other such structures around the world previously built and installed by HUSS®. Among these is the famous Tiger Tower in Singapore and two towers recently erected and about to open in China.
Mirko J. Schulze, CEO of Huss Park Attractions GmbH, said: “It is the first time we have worked with Merlin Entertainments and the whole team is delighted to be part of this important and prestigious project. Everyone at HUSS® is working very hard to ensure everything is done in accordance with the client’s wishes and to ensure their full satisfaction. Fabrication of the tower itself and gondola is finished and delivery to Weymouth started on time in early March 2012. We are happy to have established this challenging starting point with Merlin and are looking forward to seeing the HUSS Sky Tower in operation for this major event.”

For Merlin, General Manager Craig Dunkerley said: “The decision to develop the Weymouth SEA LIFE Tower was in part inspired by the spectacular success of the London Eye and subsequent expansion of the Eye brand to also encompass the famous Blackpool and Sydney Towers.”
“We realised there was also an opportunity to develop a network of smaller-scale observation attractions in regional locations where we already operate other successful attractions, which is also in line with our policy of clustering attractions to benefit from cross-marketing opportunities and shared management.
“Weymouth was the logical location to host the first of what we hope will become another global network because it already hosts a successful and still-growing SEA LIFE attraction and also because of its location within the Jurassic Coast world heritage site. The choice of Weymouth to host the sailing events in the forthcoming Olympics merely reinforced this decision and prompted us to go ahead with the project to have the Tower in situ’ this summer.
“Having decided on the location, we looked at the supplier options and because of its experience in the field and excellent reputation within the industry, Huss was the natural choice. They have done everything they promised and as we required and in fact we are bang on schedule to deliver the finished attraction on time, and possibly even a little bit sooner.”