Top Spin Classic Top Spin Classic Top Spin Classic


The Original

TOP SPIN® is one of the most successful attractions ever built by HUSS®. Since the 1990s more than 80 units have been delivered to operators all over the world. The TOP SPIN® is still defining the standard of its class in terms of technology, quality and reliability.

TOP SPIN® guarantees breathless, extreme thrilling ride experiences for passengers – a must-have for theme and amusement parks.

In the classic configuration featuring a ’theatre-style‘ gondola, the TOP SPIN® CLASSIC has 40 seats in two rows. These rows are located behind each other in an inclined arrangement with all passengers facing the front of the attraction.

The attraction offers various ride patterns, such as pendulum movements of the gondola, circular rotations of the gondola in any position, sudden turns following the release of the drum brake and, of course, the multiple spins of the gondola around its suspension axis.

There are also numerous different opportunities to decorate a TOP SPIN® CLASSIC, while special effects like fire or water fountains create an even more outstanding attraction.

TOP SPIN®’s enduring success and unique ride patterns ensure a thrilling rider experience.




Ride Specifications

22m x 11.5m (72ft x 38ft)
16.5m (54ft)
Total number of passengers:
Theoretical hourly capacity:
Power installed:
220 kW

More Information


min. 137 cm
max. 195 cm

Ride category: Classic

Thrill factor: Extremely High

Action: Pendulum swing, circular rotation, multiple spins, sudden turns