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Enterprise 2G/2GH

A true legend

The classic ENTERPRISE is one of the most successful HUSS® rides ever built. It enjoyed huge success during the 70s, 80s and 90s, with more than 75 attractions being sold worldwide. Nearly all of these rides are still in operation, clear proof of the high quality of HUSS® rides.

With this popularity and success in mind, we decided to refresh the design of the Enterprise, giving it a complete ‘makeover’ and a new lease of life.

The ride has now been ’reborn’ in different versions:

ENTERPRISE 2G (2nd generation) features the ride with classic style gondolas or newly designed suspended seat gondolas.

ENTERPRISE 2GH (2nd generation hybrid) combines classic style gondolas with suspended seat gondolas.

The ENTERPRISE 2G/2GH features a lifting arm which pivots up to 90°. In the vertical position guests experience a permanent looping ride with an exciting acceleration of up to 2.5g. Suspended seats significantly intensify the experience for more thrill-loving guests. A combination of both the classic style gondolas and new suspended seats is also available.

The new generation adds a further optional movement to the ride - the tilt function.

This tilts the wheel disk to offer a maximum of flexibility during ride operation. By using the tilt option, the ride can also be operated in a horizontal position at medium or low rotational speeds to create a form of panoramic ride, perfectly suited to the whole family.

The rotating wheel and gondolas of ENTERPRISE 2G as well as ENTERPRISE 2GH are ideally suited to a variety of themes and illumination concepts.

ENTERPRISE is a ‘reborn’ HUSS® Classic now available in a variety of formats to ensure continued success.




Ride Specifications

21.7m x 18.4m (71ft x 60ft)
18.4m (60ft)
Number of gondolas:
Total number of passengers:
Theoretical hourly capacity:
Power installed:
90 kW

More Information


min. 122 cm
max. 195 cm

Ride category: Classic/Family

Thrill factor: Low to High (depending on ride program)

Action: Swivel arm pivoting to 90°, tilt option, circular wheel rotation, “swing out” gondolas