Pirate Ship Family Ride Condor

Huss® Rides

Classic Rides

Incorporating innovative themes and ride patterns, new twists, speed and ever-increasing action to ensure exciting ride sensations for your guests.

Family Rides

Featuring more gentle thrills combined with a sense of adventure to provide fun for the whole family with exceptional comfort, safety and reliability.

Giant Rides

Just what the name implies! A range of rides of extraordinary size and power with the guarantee of an unforgettable ride experience and huge visual impact.

Film Based Rides

With a combination of an individual movie, audiovisual effects and sensory perceptions the HUSS® film based systems/attractions place guests in a totally immersive environment for a very special experience.

More successful Huss® Rides

A broad selection of additional successful HUSS® rides has also been designed during the last three decades. Information on these attractions is available on request.