Movie Base

Movie Base

A true flight experience

Based on proven and reliable technologies, MOVIE BASE CLASSIC creates unique, unmatched film experiences by combining powerful flight system performances, which simulate real g-forces, with impressive theatre projection. A broad guest appeal is guaranteed by almost unlimited theming possibilities.

Due to the floor level loading at 3.5m each row of seats is easily accessible for riders to ensure effective guest flow for loading and unloading.

Passengers are lifted from the home position at the beginning of the ride cycle into the air and are placed in front of a spherical projection screen to be provided with an immersive flight simulation experience. The synchronised motion of the ride ensures a perfect ride and movie combination.

MOVIE BASE CLASSIC can accommodate either 60 or 90 passengers. Optional 4D-effects, which can be mounted either on the gondola or in the theatre building, are also available.

MOVIE BASE XS is a ‘next generation’ Movie Base concept with a completely new and improved design, including a new seat design.

The ‘XS’ concept alludes to the ride being smaller and more compact than the original version, providing a smaller building impact including significantly reduced costs, which HUSS® believes is unrivalled in the industry.

The attraction is available as a full turnkey solution, including the AV system for which the company collaborates with an experienced partner.

MOVIE BASE XS can accommodate 36, 72 or 108 passengers.

MOVIE BASE – the ideal ride/movie combination for a unique experience.




Ride Specifications/Movie Base Classic

Base (per 30 person unit):
7m x 16m x 13.5m (23ft x 52ft x 44ft)
Seat heights:
5.7m/8.1m/10.5m (19ft/27ft/34ft)
Total number of passengers:
60 or 90
Passenger carrying unit:
2 or 3
Theoretical hourly capacity:
720 or 1080
Power installed:
180 kW per 30 person unit

Ride Specifications/Movie Base XS

Base (per 36 person unit):
8.5m x 12m x 12m (28ft x 39ft x 39ft)
Seat heights:
4-5m/6-7m/9-10m (13-16ft/20-23ft/30-33ft)
Total number of passengers:
36, 72 or 108
Passenger carrying unit:
1, 2 or 3
Theoretical hourly capacity:
540, 1080 or 1620
Power installed:
150 kW per 36 person unit

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min. 100 cm
max. 195 cm

Ride Category: Film Based

Thrill factor: Low to High (depending on movie program)

Action: Combination of ride (swivel arm pivoting to 90°) and movie