HUSS® delivers another ‘on time’ project - world first Condor 2GH opens at Tivoli Gardens

May 2016

Huss Park Attractions GmbH has proudly announced the completion and opening of the world’s first Condor 2GH ride at the famous Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The first example of the attraction from the German amusement ride manufacturer has been added to the Oriental area of the park. The delivery, installation and commissioning of the project were once again completed by the company on time, all within the specified time periods.

Notable for a number of unique design elements, the new attraction, called Fatamorgana, represents an outstanding creative performance by the HUSS® engineering and project management teams in conjunction with Tivoli’s own design office. Intricately themed and decorated with oriental floral and graphic ornamentation to complement the surrounding area, the designs used incorporate bright oriental colouring with gold highlights to set an amazing scene for guests.

The Condor 2GH offers unique and very different ride experiences, with a choice of soft thrill ride and panoramic ride at a tower height of 45m. Passengers travel in either gilded winged lions and winged oryx antelopes, flying on illuminated magic carpets, or for a more thrilling, faster experience can choose one of two, 14-seat circular gondolas, with seats facing outwards and legs dangling free. The combination of both the double seater gondolas and the suspended seats on one attraction at the same time creates the new hybrid seating concept by the German ride manufacturer.

The spectacular illumination concept, provided by thousands of LED lights throughout the new attraction, perfectly complements the theming and decoration and creates a stunning visual impression.

Since its opening the new ride has received hugely positive feedback from riders and other park guests.

Fatamorgana adds yet another major project to the list of key installations completed by Huss Park Attractionsat world class parks around the globe and CEO Mirko J. Schulze commented: “We are extremely proud of what we have achieved with this project at Tivoli for many different reasons. It has been a pleasure to work with the park’s own design team to create what is a truly wonderful attraction, both aesthetically and from the actual ride experience point of view. We have enjoyed a very professional team relationship throughout the process, while HUSS® has proved to be a reliable partner for the park with timely delivery, installation and opening. I know it will be a very popular and successful addition to this world famous venue.”