About us

About Us

Your Story – Your Ride

At Huss Park Attractions, we create, design, build, and support some of the most popular attractions for theme parks, amusement parks, and fairgrounds around the world. Great for the entire family, more people have ridden on a HUSS® ride than on flat rides by any other manufacturer.

The first significant producer of flat rides in the world, HUSS® is now one of the leading suppliers of rides and attractions to parks and fairs worldwide, with 65+ ride models and well over 1,000 rides in the market today. In fact, we’re the world-wide flat ride specialist. And with their proven staying power, HUSS® rides will continue to lead the industry, thrilling riders, generating revenue, and retaining value for operators for many years to come.

Everybody has ridden a HUSS® ride, 
and there’s a HUSS® ride for everybody. 

They’ve been a staple in parks and fairs worldwide since 1970, and your riders know them, love them…and demand them. With HUSS® rides in your park, you know you’ll have a happily captive audience of families, teens, thrill-seekers, and high-fliers, all ready and eager to relive their cherished memories. And our newest innovations give your riders new and surprising ways to experience the rides they already know and love. HUSS® is the beloved past and the exciting future for park attractions around the world.

Every HUSS® ride is Your Ride.

We don’t just create exhilarating experiences; we are passionate about creating unique memories for your riders that help you to showcase your vision and your brand. That’s why our product is not just world-class rides, it’s the entire project: it’s your unique theming that sets you apart, custom lighting that makes you shine, and individualized support that keeps your dream alive through decades of active service.

Where physics meets fun. 

At HUSS® we let science do the work, with free-flowing physics creating breathtaking spins and scream-inducing loops, while gravity’s power pulls laughing riders back in their seats and then lets them loose to feel the thrills of extreme zero gravity. With nature and science in charge – and HUSS® in control – every ride is a new experience, inspiring riders of all ages to line up again and again!

HUSS® is value.

Our “mighty machines” are proven winners, with reliability and durability that is unrivalled in the market. Our newest innovations are engineered to the same principles as when HUSS® was founded – in fact, all our rides are built to engineering, manufacturing, and safety standards well above industry requirements. Our rides are among the most consistent, safe, and successful in the world, with many in operation for more than 50 years – including our very first models – still making riders happy and making operators money. But of course, we can’t say they’ll last forever. Yet. 

Perhaps the best measure of our value is customer loyalty: When you buy a HUSS® ride, you soon want another one. HUSS® customers come back to us for another attraction within a few years.

Come and join the HUSS® family and create your own story.