Shot´n Drop Multimedia

Immersive Rides

The Ultimate Indoor Immersive Tower Experience

Speed. Freefall. Weightlessness. IMMERSION! It’s all here in this extreme indoor thrill ride experience. Using innovative design and a state-of-the-art ride system, we’re catapulting 28 thrill-seeking riders up to dizzying heights – as fast 45 km/h at 2.0g and as high as 33 meters – and dropping them faster than gravity at accelerations up to -1.5g, stopping anywhere, bouncing smoothly, then shooting up again for another thrill! 

But that’s just the beginning. We’re completely immersing your riders in a high-quality multisensory multimedia experience, perfectly synchronized to the ride program, and custom-programmed to your theming to take your guests on the ride of their lives.

Customizable theming, lighting, ride cycles, and special effects let you tell your story the way you want to on this small footprint, fast-loading, high-capacity thriller.