Immersive Rides

Dive Deep into an Immersive Movie Experience

70 passengers take a multi-sensory journey beyond their wildest imagination on this fully immersive movie-based HUSS® Original. The ring-shaped passenger cabin – themed and functioning as an aircraft, spaceship, submarine, exploration vehicle…the possibilities are endless – offers unrestricted views of the 360⁰ high-definition screen. Inside the gondola the environment is perfectly controlled, with subtle motions up and down, full rotations, ambient temperature, lighting, and additional sensory upgrades to create a complete fantasy world. 

Once passengers board, the entire cabin is lowered through an iris into the ground, and the iris closes over it, shielding guests from any outside influences. With virtually unlimited media – CGI, live action, or a combination of both – and countless themes, your riders are taken on a trip through a universe that you created and designed. After the experience, the gondola ascends back into the station, and guests can efficiently board and deboard simultaneously through two doors on either side of the cabin. 

This small-footprint attraction is easy to install and fully accessible for all ages and heights, with wheelchair access and no restraints.