Enterprise 2G/2GH

Family-Thrill Rides

This Evergreen Classic Gets New Life

The classic Enterprise is one of the most successful rides ever made by HUSS® and continues to be a staple in parks around the world. We’ve given the beloved classic a major new look with a refreshed design and a thrilling new “tilt” function to add to the pivot-and-lift spins, offering riders an unmatched experience. Fast rotations and dizzying loops at heights up to 18 m – with acceleration up to 2.5 g – keep the adrenalin pumping, while the option of lower speeds at the top in a horizontal disc position creates moments of panoramic calm that the whole family can enjoy.

With high capacity and unending popularity, this ride is a true evergreen for operators everywhere. And fully customizable theming, lighting, ride cycles, and special effects let you create the story you want to tell.