Sky Tower Multimedia

Immersive Rides

Dive Deep and Fly High in this Multi-Sensory Marvel

Our landmark Sky Tower takes viewers of all ages and heights up among the clouds for breathtaking panoramic 360⁰ views, and now we’ve raised the stakes by adding the multi-sensory movie experience of our new Explorer attraction with immersive content and full sensory stimulation! 

Riders start by boarding the capsule at ground level, and once inside the sensory-controlled capsule their journey begins. With multiple custom themes, a descent through an iris into the underground 360⁰ cinema takes them to, for example, a deep dive, a space flight, or a fantasy world of your own creation, complete with sounds, motion, climate control, and other sensory inputs. 

When they ascend from their movie experience riders enjoy 360⁰ of unrestricted view through the full double-curved glass windows as they glide smoothly up and down the powerful structure, taking viewers into the sky and beyond.