Keeping your rides in motion

Our “mighty machines” are proven winners, with reliability and durability that is unrivalled in the market.

Our newest innovations are engineered to the same principles as when HUSS® was founded – in fact, all our rides are built to engineering, manufacturing, and safety standards well above industry requirements. Our rides are among the most consistent, safe, and successful in the world, with many in operation for more than 50 years – including our very first models – still making riders happy and making operators money. 

But of course, even the mightiest machines need love and care occasionally. And that’s where Huss Parts & Service comes in, offering a wide range of professional after-sales services and first-class customer support. Our team of highly skilled and experienced electrical and mechanical engineers always guarantees the smooth and reliable operation of each HUSS® attraction – worldwide.

Whatever is needed for a HUSS® ride, our customers can be assured that Huss Parts & Service will always deliver.

Our services include:

Spare parts deliveries for all kinds of HUSS® rides throughout the world

Technical assistance by qualified HUSS® service personnel