Spinning Cruiser

Family-Thrill Rides

Put Your Thrills on Cruise Control

Feel the wind in your hair as you cruise smoothly along…until unexpected acceleration shoots you forward, then someone hits the brakes and you’re sliding, spinning, laughing, and having new adventures at every turn! This brand-new HUSS® Original is a Family and Thrill experience in one, compact and easy to install, with next-generation gondolas that offer easier access, more room, more comfort, and more safety than ever before. With a huge number of controlled show ride staged movements and countless free ride patterns, riders enjoy endless variation and thrills. And different intensities mean that you can accommodate different target groups, ideal for two-queue operation.

The inclined ride platform and the Operator center-stage creates a whole new spectacle and show for riders and spectators alike, and fully customizable theming, lighting, ride cycles, and special effects mean your riders will be cruising and spinning to the story you want to tell.