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Huss Park Attractions presents HUSS® Sky Tower Multimedia

New attraction enhances a classic ride by adding a new immersive element

Huss Park Attractions, the German ride manufacturer, has launched the Sky Tower Multimedia. This combines the highly successful HUSS® Sky Tower observation experience with the latest HUSS® film-based attraction, the Explorer. It is a world-first and provides a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Sky Tower Multimedia's ring-shaped passenger cabin lifts and rotates, making it a striking landmark at any site. The attraction moves gently and offers a unique viewing experience. It is a completely inclusive family ride with broad appeal for all ages. Visible from afar, the Sky Tower fulfils a fundamental human yearning to be among the clouds with a 'bird's-eye view'.

The Sky Tower Multimedia enhances the trip and experience by immersing passengers in a virtual reality world or presenting customized movie content on an additional level, separated from the actual world by an iris. The custom content could be anything from a deep-sea dive to a voyage to outer space.

Following the movie experience, guests rise to a height of up to 80 meters, enjoying a 360-degree unrestricted view through the full double-curved glass windows as they glide smoothly up and down the structure.

An accessible ride

The Sky Tower Multimedia measures 20 meters in diameter and can hold 70 passengers per cycle for a maximum capacity of 1400 people per hour. There are no restrictions, meaning people of all abilities can enjoy the ride.

The passenger capsule has a full double-curved laminated safety glass window front, and guests enter and exit simultaneously through two automatic doors. The innovative capsule design offers passengers unobstructed vistas and a new level of freedom - on arrival, they naturally split into two directions, strolling along the row of seats on both sides of the cabin on a walkway that is broad enough for comfortable access but narrow enough for a steep viewing angle. 

Guests sit around the cabin on outward-facing seats with a panoramic view. For ultimate comfort, the interior has air conditioning and direct and indirect LED lighting.

Available cabin upgrades include 20 LED head-up displays angled at the front window to present additional content/information during the ride cycle, a high-quality, full-powered audio system with subwoofers under the seats, and show effects to enhance the experience. The multimedia upgrade also includes a CCTV camera system.

The guest experience

The adventure begins with a themed pre-show as customers wait at the launch platform to watch the cabin soar upwards or descend into the theatre below.

The cabin is smoothly accelerated upwards to a pre-set velocity when all doors are closed. The cabin gently rotates after clearing the entryway, allowing passengers to enjoy the full tower panorama with unrestricted views at increasing heights. Once at the maximum height, the cabin makes at least one complete circle, giving passengers a stunning 360° view of the surrounding environment. It then slowly descends while revolving, but the journey is far from over. 

Guests are surprised as the capsule floor splits open and the cabin submerges into the multimedia theatre. After the drop, the floor separation element covers the movie scenery, adding to guests' excitement, and the closing iris above cocoons passengers from the outside world. As the cabin revolves, a seamless 360° screen creates immersive, high-definition content unique to each installation. At the same time, the totally enclosed 360° movie scene ensures an identical ride experience for each guest.

Guests are provided with a completely immersive experience through the combination of an individual movie, audiovisual effects, and sensory elements. Content can be produced in live-action, CGI (computer-generated imagery), or a combination of both types.

Once below the surface, passengers can travel to any location, from the macro to the micro and everything in between, including beneath the sea, through a storm's eye, into space, back in time to a Jurassic forest, forward in time to a futuristic city, and through some of the most breathtaking scenery on Earth.

A visual impact

Various lighting effects and distinctive surface decorative elements can enhance the Sky Tower's visual impact. The almost 85-meter cylindrical tower can be illuminated from the base, top, and cabin with colored spotlights, creating a dynamic spectacle. Multifunctional lighting can make the top spire's machine room and flagpole stand out.

The cabin's outside circumference below the windows has many independently controllable light spots, enhancing its daylight appearance. The cabin's exterior circumference above the windows can also be highlighted if needed. Additional lighting can be added to the cabin's inner back wall and ceiling, which can be white or other vibrant colors. 

The machine room's exterior surface and cabin bottom provide better projection surfaces visible from a distance. These can be lit with rotating, static, white, or colored effects. For instance, the cabin can rotate while the lighting parts remain stationary or move opposite the mast. As another alternative, the Sky Tower's machine room can be lit to display videos in high definition, even in daylight, enabling theming or sponsorship options, which can produce significant additional revenue.

Apart from being a huge hit as a theme park or amusement park attraction, the Sky Tower has also demonstrated its popularity and viability as a standalone building. Corporate sponsorship is just one of the many additional revenue-generating options that Sky Tower Multimedia can provide operators.

The first Sky Tower Multimedia project has already been delivered to the Golden Bay Resort in Shenzhen, China, and the equipment is ready for installation.

  • HUSS® Sky Tower Multimedia - the striking landmark attraction
  • A stunning bird's-eye view
  • Spectacular lighting choreographies by night
  • The cabin submerges into the multimedia theatre
  • Themed pre-show at the launch platform
  • Intensive immersive experiences through the totally enclosed 360° movie scene