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Break Dance 5 is coming!

HUSS® launches spectacular and exciting new addition to its product range - the Break Dance

HUSS Park Attractions GmbH has announced the launch of the Break Dance 5, a brand new, highly innovative, landmark attraction which follows in the footsteps of the original and hugely successful Break Dance ride.

Officially launched at the recent IAAPA Expo Europe 2021 in Barcelona, the design of the new Break Dance 5 is based on the ‘secret Break Dance formula’ that was developed for the original ride, which has become the most successful attraction ever created by HUSS® . The combination of size, weight, angles, speed and control – the ‘formula’ – creates a ride experience which is second to none.

Incorporating the innovative HUSS® Operator Centre Stage, multi-media and special effects, the Break Dance 5 provides an outstanding highlight in any attraction landscape and one that will appeal to both families and thrill seekers alike. These unique new elements within the attraction are the main visible differences between the original ride and the new model.

The Operator Centre Stage is a brand new location for the operator who becomes part of the ride and the ‘show.’ Taking charge of the entire ride experience, he is equipped with full show control to allow him to interact with the guests and the ride – all literally from a position in the very centre of the attraction. The transition from a classic fairground ride to a landmark park attraction is based on the implementation of a show ride cycle, which starts with a pre-show in the queue line and culminates with the main ride performance itself. The ride cycle continues the story-telling of the attraction and is accompanied by a soundtrack and special effects, optionally using additional multi-media content.

The ride features a decagonal main disc, with a diameter of less than 18m, which carries fived cross-shaped gyros bearing four gondolas, each with a capacity of two passengers. The entire ride is built on an incline so that spectators have a clear view into the heart of the attraction and can clearly see the show cycle.

As the rotation of the main disc begins the gyros perform a counter rotation, the combination of the main disc slope, gyro movement and weight displacement within the gondolas adding up to a cycloid trajectory, causing them to rock back and forth. The oblique mount and the motion of the ride leads the gondolas to perform unpredictable 360° spins and through a combination of different ride programmes, the Break Dance 5 offers both a controlled show ride with numerous staged movements as well as countless free ride patterns based on pure physics.

The Break Dance 5 offers two rides in one attraction, with operators able to run two different sets of show ride cycles, six in total, to provide an all-inclusive family experience or a white knuckle thrill ride. A two lane queuing system optimises operation and guest flow, while the brand new gondola design offers more room and comfort for riders, along with individual lap bars for each seat, on-board sound system and multi-media and extensive illumination. The gyros themselves feature a new steel structure with an updated design and with the drive motors located below the main disc the show area is more airy and visually appealing, while maintaining the feeling of power within the gondolas and reducing noise levels.

In total there are 20 gondolas on the Break Dance 5 providing a maximum rider capacity of 40. Theoretical hourly capacity is 1,200 people while another benefit of the new attraction is its compact footprint of under 18m diameter. A range of additional options is also available, including customised theming and lighting, customised show ride cycle programmed to the client’s choice of soundtrack, a multi-media package, special effects and an innovative loading platform with brand-new features.

Commenting on the addition of the Break Dance 5 to the company’s portfolio, HUSS® CEO Mirko J. Schulze said: “The Break Dance has been a highlight of our product range for many years and our most successful ride to date. With the introduction of the Break Dance 5 we have brought the concept right up to date with a brand new design and a host of features that add further to an already very popular ride experience. With the different ride programmes available it is suitable for both families and thrill seekers and we are confident it will prove a popular choice for operators of all types of parks.”

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  • Break Dance 5 - Unrivalled Design
  • Two Lane Queue System
  • Unlimited Illumination Possibilities