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HUSS® Sky Tower Typhoon Class in Vietnam

On the attractive holiday island Hon Thom, located south of Phu Quoc island in the Gulf of Thailand, you will now find a new top-class attraction next to the longest non-stop three-way cable car in the world.

The Sky Tower “Eagle’s Eye”, opened on April 30, offers visitors to the Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park a unique bird's eye view of the entire island with its impressing nature, beautiful beaches and clear blue ocean waters.

What makes the Sky Tower a Top Attraction?

It is the attractive appearance of the tower that elegantly and effortlessly blends into the landscape.

It is the brand new, trendsetting cabin design. The capsule with a full double curved glass window front made of laminated safety glass guarantees unrestricted views and a new dimension of freedom. Equipped with air-conditioning, direct and indirect LED-lighting, head-up displays and a high quality audio system, the cabin is offering a high profile ambiance and a maximum of comfort.

It is the unrestricted, comfortable access that allows any and all visitors, including guests with disabilities and wheelchaired passengers, to enjoy the awesome experience.

Last but not least, it is the uncompromising safety of the typhoon classification that allows the tower, with its spectacular height of 120 m, to safely stand even in cyclones.

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  • The cabin in lofty heights of 80 m
  • The brand new cabin design
  • A spectacular view of the park and the sea