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Latest News

HUSS® celebrates opening of new Sky Tower at Hainan R&F Ocean Paradise

Huss Park Attractions, the German ride manufacturer, has announced that its latest typhoon-classified Sky Tower opened to the public at Hainan R&F Ocean Paradise in December 2022. Guests at the popular park in Lingshui, Hainan, a stunning location known as the "Hawaii of China", can now enjoy riding to the spectacular height of 80 metres in a tower featuring beautiful maritime theming.

Hainan R&F Ocean Paradise is a brand-new park. It covers an area of 133.3 hectares and features several different themed areas, such as Discovery Harbor, Sansha City, and Adventure Ocean. The Sky Tower is located within the Hainan Eco-shore area of the park, where it delivers views over the sea.

New observation tower offers ocean views

The Sky Tower is a huge observation tower with a lifting and rotating circular passenger cabin. Guests sit at the circumference with an outward-facing seat row that delivers a memorable panoramic outside view. The ride needs no seat restraints and features a nice smooth movement, meaning that there are no height or age restrictions for the passengers.

After reaching the maximum lift height, the cabin runs through at least one complete circle, so that guests can enjoy the full view around them.

For this project, Huss Park Attractions delivered a typhoon-classified version of its successful Sky Tower. Due to the location of the park, it was important that the 120-metre tall tower is able to safely stand even in cyclones.

The observation tower's design includes ocean-themed decorative elements, adding an appealing extra element for guests and encouraging photo opportunities. The machine house follows the wave motion of the sea, and turtles decorate the underside of the gondola, which makes the ride fun for spectators watching from below as well.

For the comfort of riders, the gondola is equipped with air-conditioning and features a double curved window to give wide-ranging views of the beautiful scenery. It is also accessible for guests with disabilities and wheelchair passengers.

  • Amazing views of the park from HUSS® Sky Tower
  • Spectacular panoramic view of the sea
  • Maritime designed gondola underside