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Latest News

We present new Giant Frisbee thrill ride at OCT Happy Valley Nanjing

We are glad to announce the opening of a new thrill ride at OCT Happy Valley Nanjing in China. The Giant Frisbee opened to the public on 29 April 2023 and is one of the main attractions in the park's Happy Time themed land.

Happy Valley Nanjing is the eighth Happy Valley Park from OCT Group and can be found in the Qixia District, next to the Yangtze River. This park is a new and upgraded version of Happy Valley and is home to 41 different rides, set across six engaging themed areas. Other highlights of the Happy Time themed area, where the Giant Frisbee sits, include Rush Hour and the Star of Nanjing.

Thrills on the Giant Frisbee – riders will reach heights of 43 metres and experience speeds of 110 km/h

The new ride is a Giant Frisbee 40 from our Giant Rides family and is an ideal choice for an anchor attraction. It rises to a maximum passenger flying height of 43 metres, meaning that it can be seen from across the park, creating a buzz amongst arriving guests. Then, as visitors get closer, the gondola rushes over their heads, thanks to the elevated podium, for even more excitement.

With the arrival of this new ride, Happy Valley Nanjing has added a memorable new experience to the park's offering, one that is more than capable of competing with the thrills delivered by a coaster.

The Giant Frisbee features a 25-metre-long pendulum that swings 120° to each side. Guests are seated within a gondola at the lower end of the pendulum, in suspended seats and facing the outside. As the pendulum reaches its full swing, riders will enjoy airtimes of
-0.5 g. Accelerations of +4.5 g combined with a maximum speed of around 110 kilometres per hour are parameters normally associated with major roller coasters.

This 40-person seating configuration, together with a large loading platform, ensures quick loading resulting in a capacity of 1000 passengers per hour.

The pendulum swings at a natural frequency, which both prevents nausea and minimises energy consumption. Its precise suspension combined with sensitive control and the high mass of the pendulum and gondola ensures a smooth ride, so guests enjoy a lasting impression of the huge force and acceleration. Passengers reach a flying height of 43m, from which they could enjoy a beautiful view of the park - if it weren't for the incredible acceleration forces that whirl them through the air!

The Giant Frisbee is a popular attraction for repeat riders and ranks particularly well in guest surveys. Operators also have the option of including onboard sound for the gondola to further enhance the experience, and various themes are available on request.

  • HUSS® Giant Frisbee in full swing
  • 40-seater gondola high above the park